Safety first

If you are planning to renovate a home, it is best to have it checked by an expert first so that you know what you are getting into and you do not unknowingly expose yourself to asbestos particles during the work.


You can remove certain asbestos yourself, especially firmly bonded or semi-bonded asbestos (such as corrugated sheets, asbestos cement, roofing or even vinyl floors). Here is an educational video by OVAM that explains step-by-step how to safely remove corrugated sheets yourself.

Experts show how to safely do it yourself

Free collection at home

Thanks to OVAM you can then have your asbestos collected from your home free of charge. They also process the asbestos waste free of charge. Make an appointment with an asbestos coach and he or she will come by to ensure safe asbestos removal and provide you with the necessary asbestos bags. The only cost you bear is the cost of such a bag (30 EURO per bag). You are entitled to 1 collection per year of a maximum of 5 bags per family. You will also receive 2 sets of disposable overalls, 2 FFP3 masks and 2 pairs of gloves per request. This project, carried out by EcoWerf, will run until December 2023. So don't miss your chance and submit your application before the cut off date if you plan to tackle certain matters yourself. You can make an appointment here.

Did you know that solar panels can not be installed if your roof consists of roofing material containing asbestos? Make sure your roof is asbestos-safe when you plan to have solar panels installed.