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Today (january 2023) Flanders has about 582 asbestos experts. In addition, there are 790 candidate asbestos experts waiting to be confirmed. It is perfectly normal that the number of experts will only increase as 2032 approaches. OVAM wants an inventory of all asbestos in buildings (houses, apartments, commercial properties) throughout Flanders by that date.

Do you need an asbestos certificate urgently? Here you will find all asbestos experts who are immediately available!

Antwerp residents can go here for a complete list of asbestos experts in their city. To all residents of Ghent: you will find the list of asbestos experts in Ghent here.

List of asbestos experts in Flanders

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2 million homes containing asbestos

Today, the Flemish region has about 3,317,000 residential units. Out of these, 2,741,000 date from before 2001. Another 72% of these are houses, buildings or commercial properties. So more than 1,975,000 houses in Flanders today potentially contain asbestos. The remaining 28% of the housing units from before 2001 therefore consists of 766,000 apartment buildings. source:

On an annual basis, 60,000 houses are sold in Flanders. The share of sold houses dating from before 2001 is no less than 80%. That is quite a lot, but Flanders is still best in class when we compare those figures with Brussels and Wallonia. In Wallonia, the share of houses built before 2001 is 91% and in Brussels that number even exceeds 95%! source : immoweb - properties for sale by province and by year of construction on (15/11/2022)

If the sales figures continue the same trend, from 23/11/22 about 4000 asbestos certificates will have to be drawn up per month for houses, buildings and commercial properties. The number of available asbestos experts varies per province and will of course never be exactly in proportion to the demand. For example, in some cases you will have to exercise a little more patience due to long(er) waiting times. Moreover, this is a fairly recent service, so there are fewer reviews available to make your choice easier. And that sometimes makes it difficult for you, the consumer, to make the right choice. Well here's good news! We have listed all information about all qualified asbestos experts in Flanders today. From reviews (expressed in stars with 5 being the highest rating) to contact details. You can find them all in the list below. This website is maintained by volunteers. We always try to keep the information as up-to-date as possible, but we are only human. If you still catch us making a mistake, feel free to report it via this link.
Last update : 14/01/2023.