How much does an asbestos certificate cost in Flanders?

An asbestos certificate costs between 400 and 900 EUR. The asbestos expert determines the price of the asbestos inventory himself, but carries it out in accordance with the guidelines of the inspection protocol. What determines the price of the intervention of the asbestos expert is the size of the home and the number of samples taken. The larger the house and the more samples that need to be taken, the higher the price tag. Tip: OVAM charges a fee of 50 EUR for the delivery of the asbestos certificate. This fee will be passed on to the customer via the invoice of the asbestos expert. The asbestos expert may not charge VAT on this fee!

What is the purpose of the asbestos certificate in Flanders?

In the first place, it ensures that the future buyer of the home knows exactly which materials in the home contain asbestos, what needs to be done to make the home asbestos-safe and to estimate the associated costs. However, there are no removal obligations associated with an asbestos certificate, neither for the seller nor for the buyer.

From 23 November, the sale of a home is the only situation in which the certificate is legally required. Owners who rent out a property are therefore not under the obligation of having an asbestos certificate drawn up. Including when there's a change of tenancy. The next legal milestone is set for 2032, the target date that OVAM has put forward to make the asbestos certificate mandatory for all Flemish homes (and no longer only for property that is put up for sale). This way OVAM achieves its goal of having a full inventory of the asbestos situation in Flanders and making our homes asbestos-safe by 2040.

How long is the Belgian asbestos certificate valid?

The certificate is valid for 10 years but it can also be issued for shorter periods.