Benefits & bonus schemes Flanders

You can do some relatively low-risk tasks yourself when it comes to asbestos removal but there are of course other things that are best left to a professional. Though professional help comes with a price tag, be aware that grants exist to help you footing the bill. There's financial help such as for group discounts on asbestos cement removal, roof replacement bonuses, etc. Be sure to take advantage of them!

Double bonus asbestos removal when combined with the installation of solar panels!

You are eligible for a bonus of €12 per m² of roof if you want to make your roof asbestos-free in order to have solar panels installed. A new roof, including removal and processing, starts from €75 per m². In theory, the bonus offers you a discount of up to 16% on the cost of a new roof. The only condition to be eligible is that you have the job carried out by an OVAM qualified asbestos expert.

EcoWerf bonus to remove asbestos cement for free

Via EcoWerf OVAM offers the possibility to have asbestos cement collected free of charge in sheet bags. You may request this once a year and you receive maximum 5 bags per request. EcoWerf provides an asbestos coach free of charge. This person will visit your home to estimate the number of bags your project will need and he or she will give you tips so that the job is done safely. You will also receive 2 sets of overalls, gloves and FFP3 masks per request. Your contribution is 30€ per bag. You can make an appointment here.

IGO premium -50% to have loose asbestos material removed

In addition to the help that OVAM offers via EcoWerf to have asbestos collected and processed free of charge, IGO (also with the support of OVAM) has been offering a bonus for group purchases since September 2022 for the removal of very dangerous loose or non-bonded asbestos applications. The bonus applies to the removal of non-bonded asbestos in pipe insulation (such as in certain insulation around heating pipes) and floors. It is best to first have an asbestos expert come by who can confirm the presence of asbestos via lab tested samples of the pipe insulation and/or floors. You will also receive support for this. For each sample taken and tested, IGO offers a discount of 90% on the invoice (capped at 139,5€). If it is indeed confirmed that your pipe insulation or floors contain asbestos, you are eligible - through a group purchase - for a 50% discount on the invoice for the removal of asbestos in your floors or in pipe insulation. This is also capped. The bonus applies to invoices of a maximum amount of 4,000€ each, and 6,000€ for the removal of pipe insulation containing asbestos in apartment buildings. You can register here. Please note: owners who are required by law to have an asbestos certificate drawn up are NOT eligible for this bonus.

Attractiveness of an asbestos-free home on the real estate market

Finally, even if you're not selling your home right now it pays to start making an asbestos inventory of your home. Not only for your own health today, but to gradually spread any costs associated with making your property asbestos-safe. This way you avoid having to put up one lump sum when making your home asbestos-safe when it eventually becomes mandatory for all by 2034. The government is aiming for an asbestos-free Flanders by 2040 and wants to remove the most risky asbestos, such as easily accessible asbestos cements, roof and facade covering and drainage pipes, by 2034 (and that is already in 11 years from now!). On the other hand bear in mind that asbestos-free or low-asbestos-containing houses will logically become more attractive on the real estate market compared to houses that lag behind. Just as passive or energy-efficient homes are much more popular on the market today and sellers can ask prospective buyers up to 11% more, according to a study by KU Leuven. Source: