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Today (january 2023) Antwerp counts 8 companies where you can have an asbestos certificate drawn up. It is perfectly normal that the number of experts will only increase as 2032 approaches. OVAM wants an inventory of all asbestos in buildings (houses, apartments, commercial properties) throughout Flanders by that date.

List of asbestos experts in Antwerp

City Company Contact
2000 Antwerpen Asbestaris |
2000 Antwerpen Dawasal BV |
2000 Antwerpen A&S Stonefish |
2000 Antwerpen Nhasbest |
2000 Antwerpen STALLIS - expertisebureau |
2000 Antwerpen Amianto |
2030 Antwerpen SGS Belgium |
2050 Antwerpen Certiva |

80% of houses contain asbestos in Antwerp

The share of sold houses in Antwerp dating from before 2001 is no less than 80%. That is quite a lot, but with 80% Ghent is still just above average in Flanders. However, Flanders is still best in class when we compare those figures with Brussels and Wallonia. In Wallonia, the share of houses built before 2001 is 91% and in Brussels that number even exceeds 95%!

When we consider appartements, representing 42% of the real estate offer of the Antwerp region, we see that the share of appartments that were built before 2001 is much smaller than houses. Around half of appartments that were built in Antwerp were built before 2001, and require an asbestos certificate.
Source : immoweb - properties for sale by province and by year of construction on (15/11/2022)

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